Hydraulic Hose Assemblies from Parker Hannifin

SE Hydraulics is a top provider of hydraulic hose assemblies, and as such can offer an impressive range of services. Expertly trained staff work directly with clients to meet their exact needs and provide consistent quality. Engineers will make hose assemblies to pattern and complete proof pressure testing to ensure components won’t fail under stress from high pressures. Specialist workshops design custom units for your unique situation. As a Parker Hannifin Distributor not only do they stock some of the most respected brands in the world – like high-quality, genuine Parker Hannifin products, which are innovative and environmentally-friendly – but they also produce a specialist product line.

SE Hydraulics also aid in maintaining and ensuring safety with hydraulic hose assemblies and fittings. They recommend a monthly visual inspection to check for signs of age including leaking oil or corrosion, always using a matched system to avoid compatibility issues, and checking to ensure your hose is not out of date. SE Hydraulics’ skilled workers can guarantee proper installation, which will make your system last longer.

SE Hydraulics are approved under the British Fluid Power Association quality scheme, and all of their products conform to BFPDA Hydraulic Hose Safety standards.

Call them at +44 (0)1737 768011 or email to purchase, replace or maintain hydraulic hoses or fittings. Or visit their website at for more information

Published Date: 25th May 2015
Category: News