RMF Hydraulic Fluid Conditioning

In addition to the extensive range of Parker filtration, we can offer the complete range of RMF hydraulic fluid conditioning products.

RMF Filtration Systems can be simply and effectively fitted to any existing industrial or mobile plant application, or installed during original equipment manufacture. The selected system will effectively clean and keep your systems life blood in typically better than new condition. With your system in this state component life and reliability will be improved along with oil life, which overall will give the user a more cost effective system. In order to maintain control quality / condition of the oil, each RMF unit is fitted with a gauge & two test points, to which a portable particle counter can be connected. This allows visual monitoring of the elements under working conditions, along with accurate contamination level monitoring.

RMF Filtration offers the most complete, and effective hydraulic filtration solution on the market today, for simple installations, to full expensive systems, through the remarkably effective RADIAL filtration process. RMF Systems are the one-stop solution to your oil / system contamination problems.

70 – 80 % of all hydraulic problems or failures are related to contamination.

RMF is guaranteed to remove a minimum of 80% of your system contamination.

 RMF Systems Features :

  • Nominal Filtration capacity down to 0.5 micron.
  • Beta 2 Rated @ 2330.
  • Large filter surface (280+ layers of media).
  • Large dirt collection capacity.
  • Water collection capability from same element.
  • Elements inexpensive.
  • No detrimental effect to viscosity.
  • Additives not effected or removed.
  • Reduced oxidation process.
  • Stabilisation of T.A.N. (Total Acid Number).
  • Extends oil life, extends component & existing filtration life, system breathing to 3 microns + moisture removal, system user friendly monitoring.

Air Conditioners

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