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SE Hydraulics – Your Local Hydraulic Hose Assemblies’ Specialist

For more than three decades, SE Hydraulics has been offering top of the range, specialist products and services to the hydraulics industry, including hydraulic products and power units, hose and fittings, and on-site services. We have gained worldwide audience for our products, and for those not familiar with our company here are some of the key services that we offer.

Design of hose systems to customer’s specification – at SE Hydraulics, we can cater for every company’s needs. We work with clients to build a range of hose and fitting systems, including hydraulic hose assemblies that will be built to our client’s exact specifications. All of our products conform to BFPDA Hydraulic Hose Safety standards, and all of our staff are expertly trained so clients can be assured that they are getting the best quality every single time.

Hose assemblies made to pattern – another of our key services is our ability to create hose assemblies that are made to pattern. Our expert engineers will discuss your requirements with you and then complete the pattern as you wait. Customers are invited to ask any questions or queries that they might have before requesting this service.

Proof pressure testing – this essential service will determine whether or not a component is able to cope with extreme pressure; proof pressure testing helps to identify any risk failures that might occur as a result of excessive stress.

Hose certification and labelling – SE hydraulics offer a full hose certification and labelling service. Once we have completed your proof pressure testing we can also provide a full certification/labelling service.
Designing – we have the capability to design and manufacture power units, cylinders and systems. All of these items can be made to our client’s specifications and will be manufactured in-house from our specialist workshops.

Bespoke hose assemblies and fittings – SE hydraulics prides itself on being able to offer a completely bespoke service to meet our client’s needs. We supply a full range of assemblies and fittings, all of which adhere to the highest quality and safety standards

Other products and Services – as well as the above services, SE Hydraulics offers a complete range of hydraulics components, hoses and fittings. We stock some of the best-known brands in the world, but we also produce our own line of specialist products.

For further information contact us on:
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Published Date: 17th October 2014
Category: News